It is no mystery that comic book companies have been circling Benedict Cumberbatch (‘Star Trek Into Darkness’,’The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies’) to try and get him into one of their films and Kevin Feige has revealed how he tapped the man to play the Sorcerer Supreme in ‘Doctor Strange‘.

According to Feige:

“He was someone that we were very interested in for a very long time [But] he kept getting more and more popular! [Laughs] Which is not [essential] for us. Chris Pratt was not popular when we cast him in Guardians. That’s not a prerequisite needed for us casting [someone]. But he kept getting more popular, and more popular, and he kept getting busier, and busier, and it looked like the timing wasn’t going to work.”

Oh the curse of being popular. As we know all too well it is why George R.R. Martin can’t seem to finish writing ‘The Winds of Winter and I can imagine that being just as difficult when there are only so many hours in the day that you can be on camera.

Thankfully they were able to work around Cumberbatch’s very busy schedule. Though I should stress that they were barely able to do so:

“So we looked at some other actors for a while and ultimately decided, ‘We have to try and make it work with Benedict and with his schedule.’ Which is why we shifted the production schedule around. He finished Hamlet here in London, and I think had a day off, and then went to Kathmandu, Nepal, to shoot the first day of Doctor Strange.”

Thanks to Marvel’s multi-movie contracts, this means we’ll be seeing Cumberbatch as ‘Doctor Strange’ for quite some time to come no matter what else gets put on his plate.

Are you happy that their schedules worked out to get Cumberbatch into the Marvel Cinematic Universe? What are your thoughts on his casting for the character? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

‘Doctor Strange’ is set to materialize in theaters on November 4th, 2016.

Source: Comic Book Movie