‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ is just a few months away, and a new teaser has arrived! The teaser came with the announcement from Disney that ‘Wonder Woman‘ star Gal Gadot will appear in the sequel to ‘Wreck-It Ralph!’

Gadot will be playing a character named Shank who lives in an online racing game called Slaughter Race. Everyone knows Vanellope is the literal queen of racing games, so the two will no doubt have much in common!

Gadot shared the news on her personal Twitter. She wrote:

“I’m so excited to finally announce that I am playing a character named Shank in Disney’s #RalphBreaksTheInternet hitting theaters this November! Such an amazing experience to be apart of this project with such great creators and cast! Welcome to Slaughter Race!”

‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ writer and director Phil Johnston spoke about Gadot’s vocal talent in a recent statement, saying:

“There’s so much texture to her voice and so much living in her voice. If Ralph is Vanellope’s big-brother figure, we wanted a big-sister figure. We wanted someone that Vanellope would look up to, and Gal is definitely someone kids — and a lot of adults I know — aspire to emulate. I can’t imagine anyone else embodying that part.”


The teaser also shows Vanellope, voiced by the incomparable Sarah Silverman, glitching and landing in a room full of fourteen Disney princesses. Once the royal ladies find out that Venellope is also royalty, they all become fast friends. They do basic sleepover stuff like get makeovers, take pictures, and trash talk the patriarchy.  In one lighthearted moment, the ladies have trouble understanding Merida from ‘Brave‘ due to her thick Scottish accent. Anna from ‘Frozen’ gives a casual explanation, saying:

“She’s from the other studio.”

‘Ralph Breaks the Internet,’ features the talents of John C. Reilly as Ralph as he navigates the worldwide web with Vanellope to help her find a new steering wheel to save her arcade game, Sugar Rush. Jack McBrayer returns as Fix-It Felix, and Sergeant Calhoun will be voiced by Jane Lynch. The film will introduce a new character named Yesss, who is a trend-tracking algorithm voiced by Taraji P. Henson.

Check out the teaser below!


‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ opens in theaters on November 21.