Legendary Pictures has a new superhero movie coming out that ends up showing us anything but your standard hero. The film won’t be based on an existing property and is being put together by Chris Baugh and Brendan Mullin who were responsible for ‘Bad Day for the Cut.’

Currently, the pair is set to produce the film with Baugh directing it as well.

The pitch for the movie sets it apart from most superhero films out there but is something that could turn the genre on its head in ways which have been explored showing that not all superheroes are good people.

The idea places “a group of career criminals who stage a heist on the lair of a superhero, and then must escape with their lives when everything goes wrong.”

We’ve seen other films take a darker approach to superheroes with ‘Logan,’ ‘Deadpool,’ and ‘Watchmen‘ all earning an R-Rating and the last of them having hints of what we’ll be seeing. It sounds like the creative team has taken inspiration from comics such as ‘Invincible‘ where the leading character’s father was one of the greatest heroes on Earth but was there to take over humanity and brutally killed most of the other heroes at the start of the story.

I’m guessing that we’re going to get a hero here who has an immensely dark secret of some sort and is willing to kill to keep it that way. The other situation is that he could have some form of evil imprisoned which they accidentally unleash upon the Earth.

Are you excited for this mystery superhero movie which seems to want to flip the genre on its head? Could this be the start of a series where the hero does win in the end and stop the criminals only for us to see him fake being a hero in a follow-up film? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Collider