Mark Hamill

President Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of fame has had a rough few weeks. On July 25th, a man destroyed the star with a pickaxe in the latest of a series of politically motivated vandalism. The vandal is paying for his crime, but the damage looks to be more lasting than expected. Today, the West Hollywood City Council has unanimously voted to remove Donald Trump’s star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Their cited reason? ”Disturbing treatment of women and other actions that do not meet the shared values of the City of West Hollywood, the region, state, and country.”

While West Hollywood may not have the authority to remove a star in L.A., Star Wars actor and vocal Trump critic Mark Hamill took to Twitter to suggest the star’s replacement.

It could be argued that Carrie Fisher is more deserving of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame than President Trump regardless of his performance in office. Trump produced Miss Universe Pageants and stared in ‘The Apprentice’. However popular those TV shows may have been, Hollywood is best known for film and there are few movies more beloved than those in the Star Wars franchise. (Seriously, how does Carrie not already have a star? How did Mark not have one until this year?) That said, replacing President Trump’s star with Carrie Fisher’s is a political statement whether or not Hamill means it to be. Princess Leia has been used as the face of the “Resistance”, the movement in opposition to Trump’s administration which shares a name with the heroes in Star Wars. Fisher’s star could be vandalized by conservatives after it’s placed because that’s the world we live in now.

What do you think? Should Carrie Fisher take President Trump’s spot?