Jason Momoa Aquaman Justice League

Aquaman has long been the butt of jokes where his only superpower is being able to talk to fish and a reference to that is exactly what Jason Momoa tried to have cut from ‘Justice League.’ In that film, Momoa’s take on the character was already being vastly different from any Arthur Curry which has graced comics to date, and he didn’t want comparisons made to the old tropes.

Momoa is making Aquaman his own by making him harder and more defined than in recent years. However, there is one thing about the superhero that he is trying to change from in the comics – or at least one thing he hopes to avoid at all costs even to the point of asking one particular line in ‘Justice League’ to be removed. Momoa does not want Aquaman to talk to fish:

“I’m like, don’t put this line in there because that’s all people are going to talk about… Do you want me to make him cool or not?”

While Batman did ask Aquaman in ‘Justice League’ if he could gather any further help, it wasn’t directly stated that Curry could talk to fish but he did say that he would check the tides.

Not as bad as the original meaning but the idea still is there. It should also be noted that in recent years this power was changed so that Aquaman can’t talk to fish, but telepathically control them.

We’ll have to see if James Wan addresses this ability at all in the solo ‘Aquaman’ movie coming later this year. If Momoa has his way, I suspect it won’t even be touched upon.

Do you think ‘Aquaman’ should have Jason Momoa talking to fish, controlling them, or not even acknowledging this power? Does the actor have a chance to make Aquaman cool for audiences? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend