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Pedro Pascal‘s role in ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ is still being kept under wraps, but he and director Patty Jenkins have shared a glimpse of how the ‘Narcos’ star will appear in next winter’s superhero release.  It does appear that Pascal’s mystery role is that of a villain, with it being rumored that he is playing a god in disguise.  Considering that in the 1980s, the United States and the Soviet Union were locked in the Cold War and the threat of nuclear annihilation loomed overhead, could Pascal be the new personification of Ares, who appeared in the form of David Thewlis‘ Sir Patrick in the first ‘Wonder Woman’?  Or is this a new god?

That’s possible, as Kristen Wiig is portraying Barbara Minerva, The Cheetah, who derives her powers (or curse) from the plant god Urzkartaga.  So that is another possibility, but there are hundreds of ancient gods from various cultures, all of whom could be utilized in a ‘Wonder Woman’ flick.

Have a look at this image, shared by Jenkins on Twitter and see if that gives any clues to this character’s identity:

Pascal shared the same image on his Instagram, with the caption “Power suit. Power hair.”

It may or may not be intentional, but Pascal does seem to be channeling the ultimate ’80s businessman who just happens to have risen from New York real estate tycoon to the most powerful person on Earth, Donald Trump.  (It’s the hair.)  And depending on one’s political leanings, he could certainly qualify as the real world equivalent of a supervillain.

Appearing at San Diego Comic-Con, Jenkins discussed the time setting of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’, saying:

“One of my favorite things about making the first movie in World War I, 1917, was getting to know the era.  When you dig into these eras, they as metaphors signify things that are true always. There was something about [the 1980s] that symbolized the beginning of modernity and the mechanized world.”

Jenkins and the cast and crew of the first movie actually managed to keep the identity of the main villain a secret until its release, thanks to the presence of Danny Huston as General Ludendorff and Elena Anaya as Doctor Maru/Poison, who everyone assumed were the only two villains.  It remains to be seen if Cheetah is acting alone or if there is someone else pulling her strings.  Perhaps more clues will be revealed as filming continues.

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ will arrive in theaters on November 1, 2019.

Source: Entertainment Weekly