Natasha Rothwell
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Natasha Rothwell has been cast in an undisclosed role in ‘Wonder Woman 1984’.  Rothwell,  a member of the Upright Citizens Brigade improv troupe, was a writer for ‘Saturday Night Live’.  She also appeared in ‘UCB Comedy Originals’ sketches, and wrote and starred in her own episode of Netflix’s ‘The Characters’.  And of course, ‘SNL”s Kristen Wiig is starring as Barbara Minerva, The Cheetah, in ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ so these two may already have a working relationship.  More recently, Rothwell appeared in Greg Berlanti’s high school coming out comedy ‘Love, Simon’ and stars on HBO’s ‘Insecure’, for which she is also a writer and executive story editor.

Rothwell joins Wiig, Gal Gadot, Chris Pine and Pedro Pascal in Patty Jenkins‘ superhero sequel, which has already been filming for about a month now.  In fact, Jenkins, Gadot and Pine appeared at San Diego Comic-Con with some footage of what they had already shot to present to fans.

Because Rothwell’s role hasn’t been revealed, some are taking to social media using the hashtag #PrincessNubia in hopes that she is playing the black Wonder Woman who first appeared in the comics in 1973.  However, considering that this sort of role would most likely require months of training before filming, it’s highly unlikely that Rothwell is playing Nubia since she has signed on after production has begun.

Honestly, at this point, she could be playing anything– a government agent, a villain, a wacky neighbor… literally anything.

But one possibility is she could essentially serve as a replacement for Lucy Davis’ Etta Candy.  Davis stole the show in the few scenes she appeared in at the beginning of the first ‘Wonder Woman’ and was featured during the ad campaign when it was released on home video.  Davis’ Etta also starred in an original short that was included with the ‘Wonder Woman’ Blu-Ray in which she organized Steve’s old crew to head out on one last mission.

Even though somehow, Pine’s Steve Trevor is returning, we’ve likely seen the last of his World War I buddies and that includes Etta.  So whoever Rothwell is playing could serve in a similar capacity, assisting Steve and Diana as best she can.

But that’s just a guess.

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ leaps into theaters on November 1, 2019.

Source: Deadline