The ‘Terminator’ franchise has certainly been through plenty of ups and downs over the years, but no matter how you feel about some of the more recent entries in the aging science fiction franchise, one thing will probably always stand true: ‘Terminator 2’ was awesome! The team at NECA certainly seems to agree with that sentiment anyway, which is why they’re back with even more new ‘Terminator 2’ figures!

This week at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, NECA announced a whole new surprise wave of figures in their seemingly dead ‘Terminator’ line! The figures are based on classic figures from the original ‘Terminator 2’ toyline that was produced by Kenner Toys back in the early 90s. NECA has previously done this for both the ‘ALIENS’ and ‘Predator’ toylines to great success, so it’s fantastic to see them bringing this fan favorite fad to the ‘Terminator’ license! New figures being produced for this line include The Power Arm T-800, The Metal Mash Endoskeleton, and the White Hot T-1000 with color change effects!

Power Arm T-800


Metal Mash Endoskeleton


White Hot T-1000

These three are all set to hit stores by years end, so they’ll be arriving just in time for the holidays! Check out the full release from NECA below!

Terminator 2 – 7″ Scale Action Figure – Kenner Tribute Assortment

Enjoy a blast from the past with three figures dedicated to the classic Kenner Terminator 2 toys of the early 1990s! Taking inspiration from those designs, our team has transformed these Kenner classics into modern versions with all of today’s detail and articulation. Power Arm T-800 features a detailed weapons arm with interchangeable missile launcher and grabbing claw attachments. White Hot T-1000 changes color when dunked in water, just like the original version. Metal Mash Endoskeleton features working pistons and comes with a plasma rifle accessory. Each figure stands approximately 7” tall and is fully articulated. Clamshell packaging.

While no official images have been released yet, thanks to the team at ToyArk we know that NECA also officially announced their first ever John Connor figure this weekend! John is based on his appearance in ‘Terminator 2’ as played by Edward Furlong. This one is sure to be a crowd pleaser as many fans have been pleading with NECA to make this figure for years! You can check out a full NECA Booth photo gallery over at ToyArk for more up close photos!

Which figures are you most excited to see joining the ‘Terminator’ line? Who do you hope to see them make next? I know we’re rooting for more Kenner tribute figures for sure! Let us know in the comments section below!

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