After ruling the box office for the past three weekends, it wasn’t Bane that would cause the Caped Crusader to fall but Aaron Cross.  ‘The Bourne Legacy,’ featuring new leading man, Jeremy Renner, easily won the domestic box-office race with a $40.3 million debut toppling ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ which fell to the third spot over the weekend.

Although coming in third at the box office, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ earned an impressive $19.5 million bringing the film’s domestic total to $390.1 million since its opening last month. The movie is expected to cross the $400 million domestic mark in the next few days but industry watchers doubt that it will surpass its predecessor’s domestic record of $533.34 million. The numbers are good enough, however, for the film to land in the top ten of all-time domestic grossing films. Currently, it’s at number 15.

Part of the reason for the drop is due to Warner Bros. slowly pulling the film out of theaters. This past weekend alone, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ was pulled from 552 locations. Of course, the fact that the final days of the Olympics didn’t help as well as the continued decline of late night movie goers in the wake of the July 20th Aurora theater shootings.

While news of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ earnings decline may be depressing, it’s not as dismal as the news of what’s going on with ‘Total Recall.’ Apparently some caustic word of mouth and reviews about the remake has caused it to plummet 68 percent to an estimated $8.1 million this weekend. This drop is identical to last summer’s ‘Conan the Barbarian’ remake. ‘Total Recall’ has only earned $44.2 million in its first week of release and will need some major overseas grosses to avoid being dubbed as one of the biggest bombs of 2012 alongside ‘John Carter.’ Maybe this is karma suggesting Arnold Schwarzenegger movies should never to remade?

So in the race of the summer blockbuster superhero movies, it looks like domestically, ‘The Avengers’ has come up gold earning $617.3 million and the number 3 spot of domestic grosses of all time, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ gains silver and ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ comes up last earning $255.5 million and landing the number 65th spot.