NECA Reveals Horrifying New Figures

If there is one thing that the team at NECA does best, it’s bringing collectors their fix of fan favorite horror characters in highly detailed plastic form!  This year’s new offerings from NECA at San Diego Comic-Con show that they refuse to disappoint on that end, as they’ve got a number of brand new horror collectibles coming our way in the next year that are sure to make you scream! Whether it’s from fear or excitement is entirely up to you.

First up we’ve got a highly demanded figure for fans of the ‘Gremlins’ franchise with NECA’s new ‘Ultimate Stripe’! Stripe was the leader of the villainous (and titular) Gremlins that wreaked havoc on the small town of Kingston Falls in the classic 1984 film! This 6″ figure is fully articulated with an all-new sculpt and includes a chainsaw, skateboard, and more accessories to cause mass panic and terror! Check out the release from NECA below!

Gremlins – 7” Scale Action Figure – Ultimate Stripe

From the original 1984 Gremlins movie! Any fans of the Gremlins movies knows the rules: keep them out of sunlight, don’t get them wet, and never feed them after midnight. Follow them and you’ll enjoy a cute and friendly little Mogwai… Fail, and you’ll be faced with some pretty dangerous characters, like Stripe, the leader of the evil Gremlins.

This Ultimate 7” scale figure (stands approximately 6” tall) features an all-new head with Stripe’s signature white mohawk and an all-new body with over 25 points of articulation, including ears and jaw. For maximum mayhem, he comes with chainsaw, skateboard with rolling wheels, saw blade, and interchangeable hands.

Packaged in a collector-friendly window box with opening flap.

Next, we have a new addition to NECA’s ‘Guillermo Del Toro Signature Collection’ with Ofelia from ‘Pans Labyrinth’! Ofelia stands approximately 5″ call but is in 7″ scale like the other figures previously announced in this line. As she is a smaller figure, she comes loaded with a solid amount of accessories including three fairies, a key, a book, and a small pillar display stand! Check out the full release from NECA below!

Guillermo Del Toro Collection – 7″ Scale Action Figure – Ofelia (Pan’s Labyrinth)

NECA’s new collaboration with renowned movie director Guillermo Del Toro brings select characters from Del Toro’s films to life in premium action figure format with deluxe added elements. From the dark fantasy film Pan’s Labyrinth, the young Ofelia stands approximately 5” tall, is fully articulated and comes with detailed accessories from the movie, including three different fairies, key, book, and a small pillar with removable eye. Collectible deluxe window box packaging.

Earlier this year NECA released an ‘Ultimate Chucky’ figure based on his appears in the original ‘Childs Play’ film to much fanfare and acclaim! Now they’re back with double the frights as they have announced a new ‘Bride of Chucky’ figure 2-pack that will include a new Ultimate Chucky and our first ever Ultimate Tiffany figure! Chucky features a new scarred look as seen in the later ‘Childs Play’ franchise films, while Tiffany is wearing a real fabric skirt and includes alternative arms so she can also sport her leather jacket look! The pair are jam packed with accessories including x2 shovels, x2 knives, x2 pistols, a bottle, an ax, and more! Both figures are scaled to fit with 7″ figures and stand approximately 4″ tall. Check out the release from NECA below!

Bride of Chucky – 7″ Scale Action Figure – Ultimate Chucky & Tiffany 2-Pack

From the hilarious horror film Bride of Chucky! The world’s most notorious doll is back on the rampage, but this time he’s met his match… his old flame Tiffany, who with marriage in mind rescues his parts from a police impound and breathes new life into the little guy.

This Ultimate action figure 2-pack includes Chucky and Tiffany, who features a fabric skirt and an extra set of removable arms so she can wear her iconic leather jacket. The set also includes tons of accessories to recreate the movie’s best scenes: 6 interchangeable heads, 2 shovels, 2 pistols, 2 knives, bottle, baster, necklace and more! The figures stand 4″ tall and have over 20 points of articulation.

Collector-friendly deluxe window box packaging with opening flap.

Finally, we have what may be NECA’s biggest surprise of the weekend, they have announced that they have re-obtained the license to make figures based on the ‘Halloween’ franchise! It’s been about a decade since NECA last produced any Michael Myers figures, so it’s truly exciting to see them return to this franchise just in time for its requel (reboot-sequel) with the all new ‘Ultimate Michael Myers’ figure based on his appearance in the upcoming film that hits the big screen this fall! The new ‘Ultimate Michael Myers’ from NECA is fully articulated and includes accessories like x2 knives, a hammer, a jackolantern, a severed head, and more! Check out the full release from NECA below!

Halloween (2018) – 7″ Scale Action Figure – Ultimate Michael Myers

Michael Myers returns to NECA’s action figure line!

Based on his appearance in the thrilling new Halloween movie, this all-new Michael stands over 7” tall and has received the Ultimate treatment, with over 25 points of articulation and tons of accessories. The Ultimate Michael Myers figure comes with 2 heads, knife, hammer, jack o’ lantern, interchangeable hands and more.

Comes in display-friendly deluxe window box packaging with opening flap.

Which of NECA’s new horror figures are you most excited about? Who do you want to see them tackle next? Let us know in the comments below!

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