DC Universe got San Diego Comic-Con off to a rousing start, with the release of the ‘Titans’ trailer.  With a striking visual style, flashy special effects and a decidedly mature tone, it seems to have calmed some nerves from the candid set photos, which failed to wow.  There have been a few official ‘Titans’ photos released, but they have been very dark, to capture the atmosphere of the series.  To offer fans an up close and detailed look at the costumes, DC has them on display at San Diego Comic-Con, with some new banners, which will be the first official images released for most of the stars– Anna Diop, Teagan Croft and Ryan Potter.

Now it’s obvious that the reason DC only released photos of Robin, Hawk, and Dove is because they are the only actual superheroes, at least in the beginning.  The rest are wearing street clothes, but at least they hint at the garments worn by the characters in the comics and cartoons.  Also, because these are street clothes, don’t expect these characters to wear them in every episode and the reason that they are wearing these outfits in these posters is because that’s how they will appear in the pilot.

Here is Ryan Potter’s Beast Boy costume.  While his skin is a normal tone in this photo, in the trailer, it is colored green.  They must be using a visual effect to achieve that.  Most of his clothes look pretty average, but the jacket is a nice nod to the red and white costumes the character has worn in the comics.  Of course, if you only know him from TV, you’re probably wondering why he isn’t wearing black and purple.

This is Teagan Croft’s Raven outfit from the trailer.  Interestingly the beading on her belt and matching pendant resemble her belt from the cartoons.  And the cowl of her long hooded sweatshirt even dips down in the middle like the one that the comic/cartoon Raven’s.

And now for the most controversial– Anna Diop’s Starfire outfit.  This was the one that set most fans on fire, as she looks like a… well, a prostitute.  From what I’ve gathered, this is a costume, complete with wig, that she wore out to a ’70s Disco Party at a nightclub.  On her way home, she was attacked and had to go on the run wearing just the clothes on her back.  Reportedly, she ditches this outfit and wig after the pilot.  With that in mind, the dress and hair color are basically a more mature version of what she wears on the cartoons.

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So unfortunately these costumes are the same ones already glimpsed and they’re not reportedly supersuits, but just civilian attire that resembles the costumes from the comics and cartoons.  Do you feel any better about them with these new looks?

Source: Comic Book Movie