Star Trek: Discovery

‘Star Trek: Discovery,’ the flagship show that CBS controversially chose to launch exclusively on their streaming-only pay service, CBS All Access, got an early renewal for a second season from the network. It’s a move that should surprise no one, of course, as there was really no way that CBS would let the flagship show end after just one season, which would essentially be admitting defeat in their attempt to breathe life into the All Access program.

After a bumpy first season that left some fans excited for “new life” breathed into the franchise but turned others off through its many liberties with existing Trek canon, the question now becomes one of what we can expect to see in Season 2. The final scene of the show’s first season finale introduced fans to a slightly updated version of the original U.S.S. Enterprise – and the confirmation that the iconic vessel was indeed under the command of Captain Christopher Pike. Now, as ‘Discovery’ ramps up for production on its second season, fans are naturally wondering what the inside of the Enterprise will look like and if the crew will maintain their ‘Original Series’ primary-color uniforms that the new series has seemingly abandoned.  Essentially, viewers are wondering whether aesthetics will adhere to existing Trek canon or be bent to the more “modern” visual flair that ‘Discovery’ seems to crave.

Some of this has been addressed in ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ tie-in novels, but as we approach the opening of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, EW has given us the first look at the interior of the Enterprise.  It’s a small look, yes, but here it is:

star trek: discovery

It seems clear that the ‘Discovery’ creative team is going full-steam-ahead with giving a modern update to the interior of the Enterprise as well as the exterior – a decision that is sure to make many fans’ blood boil.

One other “sneak peek” picture has been provided as well: an image of an alien species called Saurians, first introduced as background characters in 1979’s ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture.’  As Martin-Green explains it:

“His name is Linus, and he’s a Saurian. We’ve seen his species before, so I’m excited to see if [fans] can pinpoint just exactly where.”

Here’s a look at the ‘Discovery’ version of the alien:

Much more ‘Discovery’ news is likely to come our way this week as SDCC progresses, so stay tuned!