Astrid’s ready to belt out some tunes as she auditions for the school musical, only the people in the room have something more fatal on their minds when they take aim at her and the bullets start flying..

48 hours earlier

Stephen and Hillary are doing some sparring and we get to see lil miss thang’s still harboring the bitchy attitude and grudge towards Stephen as they compete in a “survival of the fittest” (her words) gauntlet where she believes, as Jedikiah’s nephew, Stephen has the upper hand. So how does she “even” the playing field? By asking Jed “procedural questions” on trainees sharing their powers with humans. Her sudden interest in this spooks Stephen and he questions Astrid on sharing the info with someone. They’re interrupted when Luca pops up and casually informs Stephen of the family camping trip with Pete. Though he normally wouldn’t go, the mystery surrounding Peter forces his hand  and despite TIM not being able to gather any suspicious intel on the physics teacher, Stephen wants to keep an eye on him. He’s still worried about leaving Astrid alone so John volunteers to keep an eye on her, as he knows exactly what ULTRA does to people who know about the powers.

14 years ago…John’s talking to the newsstand comic guy, Tony, when the older man ends up getting robbed at gunpoint. He tries to talk the gunman down but when that doesn’t work, John uses his telekinesis to KO the gunman. Afterwards, he swears Tony to secrecy; he can never tell anyone what he just saw John do.

Ahh…the joys of camping

Mega-witch Hillary is still at it, bringing surveillance of Astrid at the scene of the ULTRA ambush of Tomorrow People at the night club; covered up at the time by Darcy, Stephen’s former partner. But she doesn’t stop there, she continues to make a nuisance of herself with Jedikiah, “following up” on her claims about Astrid. Jed’s reaction isn’t what she expects and she’s unwittingly placed herself firmly in his sights after he lays into the witch for her nearly euphoric attitude at the potential murder of Astrid. Speaking of the curly haired cutie, John drops in on her as she’s on her way to the audition and they chat about her big day and, John gives her a Skype address to use in case of emergencies. Though he’s pretty clear on the danger ULTRA poses, but she’s not really paying him any mind. Typical teen.

A flashback to John admitting to using his powers in front of Tony and pleading with Jedikiah because Tony’s his only friend. Jed never answers but replies with the ‘Aren’t I your friend, too?”

Out in the wonderful world of camping, Cara relays info on Pete’s name change, the only real flag TIM’s found on the guy but their mental conversation is interrupted by the water flow at the campsite. This along with Peter pulling out the big guns—literally—adds to Stephen’s suspicions, suspicions further strengthened by Pete’s camera being TK’d before it can fall off the bridge and into the water.

Back to the beginning…

Astrid’s ready for her audition when ULTRA agents pull out some firepower but she’s saved by John teleporting in and jumping them both out of danger. Unfortunately, he’s popped on the second jump and is in no shape to get them out, not unless Astrid can stop the bleeding and even then, they’ll only have one shot at it. Trapped, the two get some one-on-one time together, with John sussing out Astrid’s feelings for Stephen and Astrid sharing her to-do bucket list with him. John’s life has been about survival so he’s not really thought that far ahead. Pain and blood loss are taking their toll and when John looks like he’s fading, Astrid sings her audition song and… John watches as Tony’s killed. He turns his anger to Jed who lets him know ULTRA superiors wanted John dead as well…Back to the present; John’s really fading and Astrid Skype’s Cara who, with the aid of TIM, figures out the bullet’s still inside him and she needs to dig it out.

At the campsite, Stephen and Peter have a man to man chat that leads to Stephen shoving the guy into the water. “I know you have powers…so use them to save yourself.” That would be fine but it seems like good old Pete is just what he says he is—a physics teacher. Momma Jameson is none too pleased with her son and reminds him how both he and Luca—and her, needs something like this. And as so many things do, the conversation leads right back to his dad.

Astrid looks out for a wounded John

Astrid’s able to get the bullet out but John’s not able to jump away so Cara takes the initiative. She jumps to outside the hotel, sneaks her way in to them and is ready to jump but can’t take both people. She leads Astrid out and beats up some ULTRA agents along the way. Astrid even gets into it, KO’ing a guy with a metal pan and laying down cover fire long enough for Cara to teleport them back to the lair. With Astrid taken care of, Cara jumps back into the hotel and gets John out in the nick of time.

After the massive failure that was the camping trip, Peter’s gracefully backing out of any sort of relationship with Momma Jameson. She doesn’t know what’s going on with Stephen but demands that him to be honest. “No more secrets, no more lies,” she tells him.  “I need to know what’s going on with you.” He promises he’ll tell her the truth when he gets back. Luca tries talking to Stephen as well and, judging by his voice, it’s quite the serious chat. Stephen promises to get back with him and he makes his way to the lair. Astrid’s frazzled from the day’s events but just wants to go home; something she can’t do, not until things are safe. She does get to check in with her dad but isn’t too happy being stuck at the lair. Stephen tries to smooth things over but she walks away from him but not before dropping the “You’re the reason I need protection in the first place” blame line on him.

Thoroughly beaten up for Astrid’s predicament, Stephen thanks John for saving his best friend. John ends up showing Stephen a memory…young John hurting from Tony’s murder is given a pep talk from Roger Price. “I think you and I are destined to be great friends, John.” And, when asked why he’s being so nice to John, Roger talks of his own young son. “Someday he might need you to be nice to him…and I may not be around.” Cara interrupts the two and Stephen shares the camping disaster with her, he realizes that Luca’s on his way to breaking out.

Tomorrow’s News

  • I’ve mentioned it more than once but ‘The Tomorrow People’ uses flashbacks with the same effectiveness as ‘The Originals’. We get to see even more of John’s less than happy memories with ULTRA and his first meeting with Roger Price. Speaking of the latter, Stephen’s father seems to have read the future with how his son and John were destined to fight the good fight together.
  • Roger’s words to John that, even with the best intentions, our actions can put those we set out to save in danger. It’s a harsh reminder that we can’t save everyone but, at the same time, it shouldn’t stop us from trying.
  • Luca’s breaking out! How’s Stephen going to keep this lil tidbit away from Uncle Jed and Momma Jameson?