Jessica Jones

SPOILER ALERT! If you are behind on watching ‘Jessica Jones’ Season Two, this article has SPOILERS so you may want to turn back now.

It seems like ‘Jessica Jones’ Season Two just arrived, but the cast and crew are already hard at work on the third installment.  And one cast member is working harder than normal.  Rachel Taylor, who plays former child star-turned-radio host Trish Walker is stepping away from her desk and microphone and getting a lot more physical after her life changing experiences in the second season.

In Season Two, she became addicted to a drug that granted its users superpowers.  This drug was first utilized by Will Simpson (Wil Traval) a.k.a. Nuke.  After that, Trish became infatuated with gaining superpowers, forcing Dr. Malus (Callum Keith Rennie) to perform the same procedure on her that he had to Jessica, giving her powers so many years ago.  Of course, Jessica interrupted the process, but in the final episode, it was hinted that Trish had actually gained super abilities when she caught her phone with her foot.

Comic book readers know that this brings Trish more in line with her comic book inspiration, who goes by the name Patsy Walker or Hellcat.  In the comics, Hellcat’s powers are artificial but she has enhanced acrobatic abilities, razor sharp claws on her gloves and boots, and retractable cables.  She also has displayed telekinesis and supernatural powers, specifically, the ability to sense the presence of magic.

But on ‘Jessica Jones’, it appears that as a result of the power-granting drugs and Dr. Malus’ tampering, Trish will actually have enhanced strength and agility of her own.

In the on-set video below, you can see Taylor possibly filming or just practicing her new acrobatic skills, aided by wires.  And yes, she does her own stunts!


This video comes courtesy of the UK’s Daily Mail, who also have some exclusive photos if you want to check them out.

‘Jessica Jones’ season two arrived earlier this year, but obviously the next installment is already in the works.  Netflix was doling out its Marvel shows pretty slowly, usually two a year.  But considering how popular they are and the fact that they have increased to include the one-off ‘The Defenders’ and ongoing ‘The Punisher’, it’s possible that Netflix may begin releasing them more frequently.  There should be some announcements coming at San Diego Comic Con.

Hopefully, ‘Jessica Jones’ Season Three will arrive sooner rather than later!