boba fett

The status of Disney’s ‘A Star Wars Story’ movies is a bit up in the air, following the box office disappointment of ‘Solo’, but prior to that, a film starring popular bounty hunter ‘Boba Fett’ was in the works and now it seems that we may know what existing story may influence it.  And that may call for an appearance by Alden Ehrenreich’s Han Solo.

Writer Daniel Keys Moran, who penned three ‘Star Wars’ short stories in the ’90s, revealed that he had been contacted by Disney who was interested in using his 1996 tale ‘The Last One Standing’ as the inspiration for their ‘Boba Fett’ film.  That story details Fett’s backstory including his rivalry with Solo.  As part of a lengthy discussion with Star Wars Interviews, he disclosed:

“I’ve had a guy at Disney email me a couple times over the years regarding Lucasfilm adapting “Last One Standing” into a Fett movie. Not asking permission, they own those works, just letting me know they were thinking about it. So that was kind. But after Solo stiffed, apparently there’s some question about the Fett movie being made.”

Moran’s story can’t be adapted verbatim, as it came out years before the prequels and ‘Star Wars Rebels’ which took Boba Fett’s origins in a different direction.

Moran isn’t ruffled by the contradictory storylines.

“I prefer mine, of course. But it didn’t particularly annoy me. I don’t care much about canon, and my stories are still out there for anyone who wants to read them. And frankly, even within the universe of commercial fiction, Lucas was utterly contemptuous of his own early writing, when it came time to make the prequels. The idea that I should get annoyed about him ignoring mine? No.”

But he does share one bit of advice for Disney:

“I thought The Last Jedi was brilliant, the first Star Wars movie since The Empire Strikes Back I thought was a complete success on its own terms. Then I thought Solo was perfectly adequate and inoffensive, and as much as I love Star Wars, that’s a little sad. So for advice? Get the creative team behind The Last Jedi on your Fett movie, rather than the team behind Solo.”

If you have read Moran’s ‘The Last One Standing’, then you may already have an idea of what to expect.  At this point, it is unclear when a potential ‘Boba Fett’ movie could materialize, but at last report, James Mangold was attached to direct and co-write the script with Simon Kinberg.  It is not expected that this movie will premier any earlier than 2020.