MGM Fast-Tracks 'Child's Play' Remake With 'It' Producers And 'Polaroid' Director

America’s largest (and last) exclusive toy retailer, Toys ‘R’ Us just went out of business but MGM is getting ready for a walk down the retro toy aisles with a remake of 1988’s campy horror classic ‘Child’s Play’.  The new film will be directed by ‘Polaroid’ helmer Lars Klevberg and produced by the team behind ‘It’,  David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith.  The script comes from Tyler Burton Smith (‘Kung Fu Fury 2’, video games ‘Quantum Break’, ‘Sleeping Dogs’).  MGM is fast-tracking this project with an eye on starting production in September in Vancouver.

The ‘Child’s Play’ franchise was created by Don Mancini, while Tom Holland (not that one) directed and co-wrote the script to the first movie.  It told the story of Chucky, a doll that was possessed by the spirit of a serial killer.  After the first movie, there were six sequels, all written by Mancini, who also directed some of the later installments.  By 1998’s ‘Bride of Chucky’, the ‘Child’s Play’ label had been dropped in favor of naming the movies after its lead character.  The most recent was last year’s ‘Cult of Chucky’, written and directed by Mancini, which went straight to video.

At last week’s Saturn Awards, Mancini was given the Special Achievement Award for his work on the ‘Child’s Play’/’Chucky’ franchise.  In February, Mancini stated that a ‘Child’s Play’ TV series was in the works and that he planned to continue making more films in the original series.  It’s unknown if that plan is still in effect with this remake coming.  It is also unknown if Mancini or original director Holland have any involvement with the new film, but considering that the screenplay is only credited to Smith, it doesn’t seem like it.

Are you a Chucky fan?  Are you excited to see a new reboot of this franchise?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter