Yes, more sports on your science fiction website! I swear we’re not having an identity crisis!

You could be forgiven for asking the same question of Lebron James though, given all the recent hubbub over just where the now former Cleveland Cavaliers superstar would be heading upon entering free agency. As we reported last week, James was due to announce his career plans over the weekend, with the announcement set to be accompanied by a trailer for the long-gestating ‘Space Jam 2’. As we now know, James is heading to the Los Angeles Lakers. But while his announcement came and went, the trailer was nowhere to be seen, leaving many of us wondering just what was going on.

Now, thanks once again to Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson of Basketball Society Online, we have our answer. According to Robinson, his source told him over the weekend that while the trailer was planned, James and his management decided to pull it once the news broke. Per that same source, “the movie will still happen but at a later date.” But disappointing as it may be to hear that, there’s more!

In addition to that call, Robinson spoke with a different source in mid-June, one familiar with the production of ‘Space Jam 2′. Through this source, we can tell you what the planned trailer would have included. As described by Robinson’s source, the plot of the film involves the theft of sports memorabilia (Perfect for a cameo by O.J. Simpson). In the trailer – and perhaps the film as well – Lebron James is called in to help track down and retrieve the missing memorabilia. From there, the trailer would then have revealed James’ career move (in this case to Los Angeles by featuring the star decked out in Lakers gear).

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