Avengers 4

Ever since ‘Avengers 4’ changed its named from ‘Infinity War: Part 2’ to ‘unknown’ fans have been desperately searching for clues as to what the title of the 4th ‘Avengers’ film is going to be, especially after ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ came out and was such a smash hit, and left such a massive cliffhanger. The hope of course is that the title may give some kind of clue as to how our heroes are going to undo the “snap” of Thanos which killed half the life in the universe, including many of our favorite superheroes, especially since it was once said that the title of ‘Avengers 4’ was not going to be released till after ‘Infinity War’ because it was potentially a spoiler.

Jump to the now, and Omega Underground is reporting that the cinematographer for the film, Trent Opaloch, has seemingly revealed the title of the 4th ‘Avengers’ film on his own website by accident, listing the film in his credits as ‘Avengers: End Game.’ You can check out the screenshot for yourself below, it has since been taken down and replaced with the title ‘Avengers 4,’ which may be all the confirmation fans need that this is the title.

‘End Game’ was one of many possibility titles fans were throwing around even before this, as it would line up with Doctor Strange’s dialogue in ‘Infinity War’ where he tells Tony Stark that they are “in End Game now.” However, the directors were asked if the title of ‘Avengers 4’ was ever mentioned in ‘Infinity War’ and they said “No,” but in this day and age that does not mean much, as the directors could be lying to cover up the title as Disney/ Marvel is not ready to reveal it yet. If it is ‘End Game’ I am actually not all that impressed as I expected a title with a little more to say. ‘End Game’ seems a little bit generic and not that exciting.

Still, Marvel and the Russo Bros have a good track record so far, so I’m sure whatever the title is, even ‘End Game,’ it will have significance beyond what I initially thought and hopefully ,the movie will be able to live up to all of this hype!

What are your thoughts on the title ‘End Game?’ Do you think that it works? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments below!

Source: Screenrant