the purge television series

With Blumhouse bringing their franchise of ‘The Purge‘ to the small screen it was unclear what direction it would go and how it would be related to the films if at all. Early reports had it focusing on the rest of the year between purges or the events leading up to the first one. Theories flew around that it would be dealing with the fallout from the most recent government sanctioned purge, events leading up to the next, and likely introducing conflicts that would be resolved in quite a violent way in the upcoming films or insight on previous purges. Now, director James DeMonaco has opened up a bit on what we can expect to see in the series.

In a recent interview, DeMonaco has stated that not only will it connect directly to the films but that we’ll even be seeing some familiar faces appearing as well:

“We have a couple of cameos going. The TV show takes place between the first Purge and the last movie. We’re kind of right in the middle of all the Purge timelines, so it’s before Charlie Roan. It’s way after the New Founding Fathers of America have come into power. But in the next Purge movie, Purge 4, the NFFA has just come into power and come up with this crazy conceit of the Purge to help a dying economy. So if 20 Purges have taken place, or 15, we’re probably on the seventh or eighth in the TV show. It’s an established thing that people have gotten used to. I think people will be happy when they see that characters go in and out. Minor characters from the movie do little pop ins, and hopefully, we can keep expanding on it.”

Not only does that present a timeline for where the series will kick off at but also gives a few hints at who we may end up seeing. Some of the politicians involved and some characters who have already survived or been purged could make appearances here.

Which actors would you like to see reprise their roles from ‘The Purge’ movies? Would you prefer they focus on the characters, politics, or something else entirely? Share your thoughts below!