It’s only been a couple of weeks since Netflix announced that it was reviving ‘Lucifer’ the cult favorite series that had recently been cancelled after three seasons on FOX.  Seeing as how Netflix is a streaming service, not a traditional TV network, it’s natural to wonder just how Netflix will present new episodes.  Netflix has been experimenting with shows airing in two half-seasons rather than one large lump, and even some that are released one per week; so could they possibly decide to follow the pattern of a traditional network and release ‘Lucifer’ one episode at a time?  After all, that’s what CBS All Access and Hulu did with ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ and ‘Runaways’, respectively.

However, the latest word is that Netflix is sticking with its traditional made-for-binging “all at once” format for ‘Lucifer’.  That means that it may be a while before fans get their chance to dive into Season Four since all ten episodes must be filmed, edited, scored, etc, with the necessary VFX added.  Production on Season Four is expected to begin in August. Just to clarify, Netflix ordered ten NEW episodes.  The two bonus shows that FOX aired will be mixed in, where ever they fit.

As for these episodes, the show’s creators said that they planned to stick to the 43-minute standard that they employed with FOX but that were it permissible, they may expand some episodes to include additional material.  And what could fill that extra time?  Possibly more edgy language, gore and maybe a little nudity.  As co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich said, “[Star Tom Ellis has] got a wonderful, wonderful booty, so why not show it? But we couldn’t,” on FOX.  Also, the creators revealed that a new character would emerge that will “bring a whole new dimension to everything.”

Since the producers already had an idea of where they wanted to go with Season Four, they should be able to begin production in August as planned and hopefully, that means that it will wrap by December, which could mean that new episodes of ‘Lucifer’ arrive sometime in the first half of 2019.  It might be best to strike while the iron is hot and fans are so ramped up about the new season rather than holding it until fall when the networks kick off their new seasons.

As Modrovich previously stated:

“With social media, the fans now can make a difference, and that is the coolest part of this whole experience. They really feel ownership, like, ‘Hey, we got our show back,’ and I love that.”

Are you excited to see how the new episodes of ‘Lucifer’ turn out at their new home?

Source: TV Line