Now for the main story of the night: William and Emily. William (MIB) wakes up at a rallying point with Emily after she has done what first aid she could for him. They begin to talk, sparking a series of flashbacks which finally shed light on William’s backstory and what exactly happened with his wife, Rachel. They were at a party celebrating William’s accomplishments, and while Rachel had flashes of warmth and her old personality, it was clear that she had a drinking problem and proceeded to get hammered. Ford was there and he shares William’s full profile (in card form) at the park with the man, telling him that the self-portrait is not flattering. Emily is there as well and seems very close to her father and annoyed at her mother’s antics, agreeing to meet up for a quiet drink later with her father after he has put her mother to bed.

William takes Rachel home but Rachel is in no mood for her husband and accuses him of being a fake and a liar, all of which Emily hears back at the house and assumes her mother is out of control. Rachel warns her daughter that William does not really love any of them, but Emily justifiably just thinks her mother is drunk. William puts her to bed and Rachel demands to know if he ever loved her, if anything was true, and if he was even real (question of the season!). He says nothing, giving her water and putting her to bed.

Once he thinks she is asleep, he admits that going to the park revealed his dark side and eventually he realized that it was not a dark side, but who he truly was. He goes on to say that she is right, he does not belong to her or this world but to another (the Park), and does not love her. He leaves the room after hiding the profile card and heads downstairs to have that nightcap with Emily, who is on the phone with a doctor who is going to take her mother back to rehab the next morning. Meanwhile, Rachel opens her eyes, revealing she was faking being asleep and grabs the profile card.

Already upset by William’s words and his deeds in Westworld, including the dark things he has done to Dolores, she is in shock, leaving the profile card in a music box that she once gave Emily. (Brief tangent, the music box story is also tragic, as Emily reveals it was a gift her mother gave her that Emily did not appreciate, bitterly telling her mom that she had not danced for years and she would know if she wasn’t so drunk, and then dumping the gift in the trash. When she went back to get it out of the trash, feeling bad for her words, the trash had been emptied. In this scene we learn Rachel took the music box back.) Downstairs, sometime later, as Emily and William talk about trying to send Rachel back to rehab, water starts dripping down from above, and William rushes upstairs to find Rachel dead in the overflowing tub, having taken pills and slashed her wrists to end her life.

Emily reveals to the MIB that she came to the park for answers as she has blamed herself for years for her mother’s death, thinking it was because she had threatened her mom with going back to rehab. William, meanwhile, still thinks Emily is a host controlled by Ford and is pissed that the man would go so far for his “game.” Emily insists she is going to take her father to a hospital as his wounds are too severe, but William keeps saying no and demanding that Ford stop messing with him. Emily also threatens William with knowledge of what the park really is, saying she will expose it and William once they escape. She also learns that Delos is doing brain scans on hosts by using the hats they wear, which seems a bit ridiculous in my mind.

Eventually, since she activates a rescue beacon, QA arrives to take her and William in, but William will not have any of it and grabs one of their guns and kills them all thinking they are all still part of Ford’s story, a shocking moment for Emily who cannot believe her father is this far gone. She reveals that she has seen his profile and warns him that she is not a host but actually his daughter, but William is too far gone and shoots her down. Sadly, he finds in her hand his profile card, which only the real Emily would have access to after the death of Rachel, proving that she was not a host and that he just killed his own daughter. William drags himself away from the scene and rides his horse to a secluded field where he plans to kill himself, but for some reason cannot bring himself to do it.


  • How long was Elsie sitting in that garage waiting for Bernard? Hours? Days? Long enough for them to reclaim the Mesa and reprogram Clementine, which seems ridiculous to think Elsie was just sitting there in hiding.
  • Did Elsie and Bernard find the same group of QA people that the MIB had just killed? And if so, where was Emily? Is there a chance she is still alive?
  • The QA guys ran a test on the MIB and based on that and everything else in this episode, I think it is now reasonable to assume neither William nor Emily are hosts.
  • Where the hell are Maeve’s allies? They better show up in the finale to save her, along with Ake and her daughter.
  • Will Dolores have a bit more compassion now that her cold-hearted policies have left her sad and alone on her quest?
  • Is there any trace of Clementine still left in her body? Or is she fully Zombie’d out and in the control of Delos?

So many questions leading into the finale! And what a ride this episode was! Definitely the most emotional of all the episodes this season, and the most tragic, as the MIB proves to be more heartless than the Hosts themselves this season, especially in regards to the final fate of his family members. I loved the fact that Teddy managed to find himself again and end things before he got any darker, proving to Dolores that she was no better than Delos in trying to control him. I will be sad if this truly was his final episode in the series.

Can’t wait to see how they wrap everything up in the Season Finale next week!