James Corden
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In addition to being a super successful talk show host, James Corden (‘The Late, Late Show’) has also been busy acting, both in front of the camera and in the recording booth, providing voices for various animated projects.  Now he is slated to lend his pipes to a new live action sci-fi comedy, ‘Super Intelligence’ opposite Melissa McCarthy.

The movie will be directed by McCarthy’s husband Ben Falcone who has directed her in ‘Life of the Party’, ‘The Boss’ and ‘Tammy’.  Cordon will voice the world’s first artificial ‘Super Intelligence’ who begins observing McCarthy’s character Carol Peters, who is described as “a former corporate executive, whose earnest, yet unfulfilled, life is turned upside down.”  It appears that Cordon’s robot overlord is trying to determine whether or not to take over the world, and Carol Peters seems to hold the key to that decision in her hands.

The screenplay comes via Steve Mallory, who collaborated with Falcone and McCarthy on ‘The Boss’.  Mallory has appeared as an actor in that movie and other McCarthy flicks ‘Identity Thief’ and ‘Tammy’ and on the TV Land series ‘Nobodies’, which McCarthy and Falcone executive produce.

‘Life of the Party’ opened in mid-May and is still playing in some theaters.  McCarthy will also appear later this summer in ‘The Happytime Murders’, before taking a huge turn in the dramatic biopic ‘Can You Ever Forgive Me?’.  Speaking of career twists, she is currently filming the gritty action crime drama ‘The Kitchen’ costarring Tiffany Haddish and Elisabeth Moss.

As for Cordon, he recently scored a hit voicing the title character in the spring family hit ‘Peter Rabbit’.  Before that, he added his voice to ‘The Emoji Movie’ and ‘Trolls’ and various spin-off projects, including the sequel ‘Trolls: World Tour’ which will be released in 2020.  He will also be heard this fall in the animated movie ‘Smallfoot’ which also boasts the voices of Common, Danny DeVito, Gina Rodriguez, Yara Shahidi, Channing Tatum, Zendaya and… um, LeBron James (?!).  Cordon can be seen in the flesh in the current box office hit ‘Ocean’s 8’.

‘Super Intelligence’ has the daunting opening date of December 25, 2019.

Source: Variety