Ewan McGregor Doctor Sleep
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Stephen King will always hate Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of ‘The Shining,’ but that didn’t stop the author from penning a follow up titled ‘Doctor Sleep‘ that will be coming to the big screen. Danny Torrance is all grown up and in the film adaptation, we’ll see Ewan McGregor take on the role of the lead character. King’s works have been seeing a renaissance in recent years with new adaptations and reboots hitting both the big and small screen. Thankfully, fatigue for the author’s work hasn’t kicked in before Mike Flanagan has had a chance to direct ‘Doctor Sleep’ as this could be a huge hit if he can pull off even half of the audience enjoyment that Kubrick was able to with the original.

Hopefully, he’ll also be able to have King on board with what we end up seeing.

The novel was released in 2013 with Danny now in his 40s. He suffers from the same problems that plagued his father. Anger and alcoholism are at the center of his life and his powers from the original novel can still be found within him. He is also still suffering from what happened at the Overlook Hotel all these years later. As he embraces sobriety, we see that the alcohol had dulled his shining abilities which come back more powerful than ever as he attempts to help them to use others. He eventually comes into contact with a young girl who shares these powers and the duo is soon being hunted by a group who has abilities similar to their own but have no interest in using them for good.

While based on King’s work, Flanagan reworked the script by Akiva Goldsman so it isn’t clear at this point if it will be faithful to the source material or just based on it.

Are you looking forward to ‘Doctor Sleep’ getting a cinematic treatment? Do you feel that Ewan McGregor is the right choice to play the character? Share your thoughts below!

‘Doctor Sleep’ is currently set to wake up in movie theaters everywhere on January 24th, 2020!

Source: Deadline