Geoff Johns Green Lantern Corps

While we may not be seeing that ‘Green Lantern Corps’ movie in 2020 as originally stated by Warner Bros/ DC Entertainment, that might not necessarily be a bad thing when you look at the landscape of DCEU films of late and the fact that some reorganization and reconfiguring needs to happen to get these movies back on track. Sadly, after many had hoped that Geoff Johns becoming President and Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment might cause things to take a turn for the better, with the man acting like the Kevin Feige of the DCEU, Johns is now stepping down from the role. However, he is not completely removing himself from the DCEU as he and his new production company, ‘Mad Ghost Productions,’ are still involved in the ‘Green Lantern Corps’ movie, which is where this latest bit of news comes from.

According to the website for Mad Ghost Productions, ‘Green Lantern Corps’ “will feature Hal Jordan and John Stewart,” confirming rumors that have been swirling about almost since the project was first announced. While some wondered if DC would go with other characters like Guy Gardner or Kyle Rayner (especially after Ryan Reynold’s and company botched Hal Jordan in the original ‘Green Lantern’ movie), the popularity of both Hal Jordan and John Stewart clearly won out, especially with John Stewart, as he has been a fan favorite ever since his inclusion in the ‘Justice League’ and ‘Justice League Unlimited’ animated series, where he was one of the stand-out characters.

Back in 2017, the ‘Green Lantern Corps’ film was described as a kind of “Lethal Weapon in space” which would fit with Jordan and Stewart, with Jordan being the vet teaching new guy Stewart the ropes and if they manage to pull off that kind of tone, it could really be a fun movie. Here’s hoping Geoff Johns (who has taken over scripting duties for the film) is up to the challenge, as the DCEU needs another win under its belt, and the Green Lantern characters deserve a better big-screen adventure than the one they got the first time around…