Jonathan Kasdan Lando Calrissian Solo: A Star Wars Story

While it was only hinted at in the film, writer Jonathan Kasdan shares that Donald Glover’s Lando Calrissian is pansexual in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story.’ There has been a lot of theories on Calrissian’s interests with how he interacts with the rest of the cast of the films including his droid in the current film L3-37.

For those unfamiliar with the term pansexual, it means “not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender or gender identity.”

Jonathan Kasdan was directly asked if Lando was pansexual in the film and responded:

“I would say yes. There’s a fluidity to Donald and Billy Dee Williams’ [portrayal of Lando’s] sexuality. I mean, I would have loved to have gotten a more explicitly LGBT character into this movie. I think it’s time, certainly, for that, and I love the fluidity ― sort of the spectrum of sexuality that Donald appeals to and that droids are a part of.”

The original series shows Lando showering Princess Leia with attention, but here we see it rubbing off on both Solo and L3-37. If anything, one could make an argument that he was giving Leia this attention just to rub Han the wrong way after how their encounters clearly seem to have gone in the Smuggler’s favor at that point.

While we don’t know if a ‘Lando: A Star Wars Story’ is in the works, Kasdan shared that the character “doesn’t make any hard and fast rules. I think it’s fun. I don’t know where it will go.”

We also saw that L3-37 mentioned both this and believes that Lando loves the droid in different scenes. However, “That is her personality. Maybe it means something; maybe it doesn’t.”

Do you agree that Lando Calrissian is a pansexual? Is Jonathan Kasdan’s logic sound when you factor in how many species there are in a galaxy far far away? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter