Solo: A Star Wars Story

This news is a minor spoiler for ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ and a possible deleted scene on the home release, but we’ve got details on a scene which was cut from the film! The news comes directly from co-writer Jonathan Kasdan as he shares a scene he didn’t think would be cut from the film but was. Also, he admitted that the movie probably flows better without it.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I highly suggest that you do as it was much more fun than you would expect and you should check it out before reading about this scene.

This scene was meant to take place after our young Han Solo enrolled to be a pilot for the Empire but before washing out of the flight academy. In fact, it was likely the event which had him booted into being part of the Imperial infantry.

Kasdan was being informed that some viewers wanted to see more of Solo learning to be a hotshot pilot instead of skipping over this in the film:

“Yeah, so did we! In fact, we hope, and I believe that when you finally get a Blu-ray of this movie, you’ll see a terrific scene with Han in aerial training and then getting kicked out of aerial training. And ultimately, with a cameo by me. The reason I decided to do a cameo in that particular scene is we were sure it wouldn’t get cut out, and of course, it did.”

Not only did we miss why Solo get washed out but that sounded like it might have been why he was removed from flight training as well. While the writer loved the scene, he did agree that it was better to have it cut:

“Ultimately, I think you would think, and all people would agree, that the trajectory of the movie is helped by not having it, but it is a moment that we too would have loved to see more of and really believe in.”

This seems like the perfect deleted scene to be thrown into the home release and one that I’d love to check out.

Do you feel that adding this would have made sense as we all see Han Solo as a pilot or do you enjoy the straight cut where he goes from wanting to be the best pilot in the galaxy to being thrown into the infantry? Will we see the scene end up on the home release of ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Indie Wire