With ‘Venom’ right around the corner and Spider-Man himself doing pretty well over in the MCU (minus the current handicap of being, well, dead), Sony is poised and ready for their own ‘Spider-Verse’ to start taking shape. ‘Venom,’ of course, is still anyone’s guess, especially as the two trailers released so far have shown that the film does not exactly have the tone and dark visual aesthetic many were hoping for with a movie about the anti-hero. Next on the slate is the animated ‘Into The Spider-Verse‘ which looks to be a lot of fun, and does double-duty as both a stand-alone film introducing film-audiences to Miles Morales and also the idea of there being multiple Spider-Men in different universes, and that being both ok and well-known in the comic-book world (which they need people to appreciate as Spider-Man himself is currently in the MCU, which, at the moment, may not fit into their Spider-Verse).

So next on the docket for Sony is ‘Morbius,’ a film which is looking to take another classic Spidey Villain/ Anti-hero and build a movie around him. For those unaware, Michael Morbius is a character who started off as a scientist with good intentions, but after an experiment gone wrong, accidentally transforms himself into a Living Vampire with heightened strength, the ability to fly, and echolocation, not to mention a horrible disfigurement which makes him look like a vampire. Oh, and despite his best efforts, he still craves blood, an urge which he constantly fights against but often cannot control. The only blood which seems to sate his appetite is Spider-Man’s (of course), but much like ‘Venom,’ I’m just not sure if we’ll be seeing the Web-Slinger in this film either. Here’s the log-line That HashTag Show managed to get ahold of for the new movie:

Horror action story of a scientist who, in trying to find a cure for a rare blood disease, accidentally transformed himself into a living vampire who, though disgusted by his own bloodlust, chooses to prey upon criminals he deems unworthy of life.

So he will be another anti-hero going after criminals, but with the whole “vampire” element, many are hoping to see Sony really delve into the “horror” aspects of this comic-book adaptation, even after they clearly shied away from that approach with ‘Venom.’ But if they do it right and make it interesting, this could be a very fun film and make a lot of fans very happy. But we haven’t seen Sony deliver the goods on a ‘Spider-Man’ project since the Sam Raimi days, so while I’ll be keeping an eye on this movie. I will not get my hopes up just yet.