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The saga of ‘Locke & Key’ isn’t over yet.

Based on the IDW comic book series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, ‘Locke & Key’ follows a family in possession of a set of magic keys. Throughout the series – which ran from 2008 to 2013 – we learn the family’s history and watch as they contend with demons who seek to take the keys for themselves, as doing so would allow them to pass freely into our dimension.

For much of the last decade, a variety of networks and production companies have tried to bring ‘Locke & Key’ to television. The most recent effort kicked off in 2017 and was produced by Carlton Cuse, Scott Derrickson, and Lindsey Springer. Armed with a pilot order from Hulu and the support of multiple Hulu executives, things were looking promising. Unfortunately, this too was not to be, with Hulu CEO Randy Freer officially passing on the pilot in March of this year.

Undeterred, Cuse and company set about shopping their pilot to other networks. To that end, That Hashtag Show is reporting that Netflix is in talks to acquire the series. When approached for comment, a Netflix representative was quick to note that whatever deal is taking shape on this front has not yet been finalized. However, IDW President David Ozer had somewhat more to say on the subject:

“Being such an important franchise for IDW Entertainment, we hope to have an announcement regarding the ‘Locke & Key’ series in the near future.”

Ozer’s comment may not sound like much, but combined with Netflix’s remarks regarding the state of the deal? It may be jumping the gun, but it’s hard not to take that as a promising state of affairs. Reading between the lines, we may be close to an announcement – one way or the other – regarding the show’s fate at Netflix.

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