While Fox has called on exorcists to take ‘Lucifer’ off the air after the third season finale, there is a small silver lining for fans. The adventures aren’t entirely over as the network has two final episodes that will be aired on the network. While these two aren’t meant to be a series finale, they may address some of what occurred in the Season 3 finale. The reason being is that they were both filmed earlier this Spring and were meant to be part of the now-canceled fourth season.

If you’re eager to check them out than this coming Monday, May 28th, you’ll want to either sit in front of the TV or get your DVR ready to record them as they start airing at 8/7c.

This will mark two weeks from when the third season ended the series and isn’t clear how much of the finale will be addressed here. We do have some details on what to expect though which you can read below.

The first of the two episodes is titled “Boo Normal” and has Lucifer and his friends looking into the murder of a child psychiatrist. Likely because of the case we see Ella thinking a lot about a childhood secret which she’s been hiding. The episode will also feature a guest appearance by Charlyne Yi who is a close friend of Ella’s and is a ghost named Ray Ray that only she can see.

Next up is “Once Upon a Time” which will have been directed by cast member Kevin Alejandro. In it, we see Lucifer’s mother create an alternate dimension and plops Lucifer into it. Here, has not only has the freedom of choice but has never met Chloe. A fun bonus is that Neil Gaiman makes a cameo as the voice of God in the episode and is the narrator of the story. Fitting that the comic series creator gets to play God on the show.

Both of these sound like they’ll be something fun to look forward to but how much of the finale might be addressed in them sounds slim to none.

Are you happy that there will be two more episodes of ‘Lucifer’? Do you think that the series may find another home on a new network? Share your thoughts below!

Source: TV Line