If you’ve been worried that Syfy was going to burn down ‘Krypton‘ after only a season than we can ease your worries as the series has just been picked up for a second season! The news has come in a day before the Season 1 finale which will debut this Wednesday at 10 pm on Syfy.

Reviews of the series have been all over the map with some fans loving the show and can’t get enough while others have felt that it has been too slow of a burn without enough of a payoff. However, viewership in both camps has been high, and Syfy is thrilled to bring the series back for a sophomore outing.

The show has been averaging 1.8 million viewers if you look at the Live+3 data which has ‘Krypton’ as Syfy’s highest watched debut series ever since their 2014 release of ‘Ascension.’ ‘Krypton’ can also boast being the second-highest-rated series on the network as at this time only ‘The Magicians’ have been able to draw a larger crowd. From the numbers alone it would have seemed highly unlikely for the network take Kryptonite to the series.

The series is a prequel to the Superman mythology and explores Cameron Cuffe as Seg-El who is Superman’s grandfather and not quite as heroic as the future Man of Steel. So far we’ve seen time travel thanks to Shaun Sipos as Adam Strange who has returned to the past to try and prevent it from being changed and Clark Kent for not becoming one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe.

Are you thrilled to see ‘Krypton’ returning for a second season? What villains and potential heroes do you hope get added to the mix when the show returns? Will the entire next run be set in this time period or will more time travel occur? Share your thoughts below!