the magic orderIf you’re interested in picking up Mark Millar‘s ‘The Magic Order’ through Millarworld after Netflix picked up the company than you’d better get in line pretty quick. Unlike every other publisher under the sun, this title that Netflix will put out will not be available in reprints. The news came forward a month prior to the release of the debut issue of ‘The Magic Order.’ If you want to make sure your local comic shop is going to have it, you’d better be sure to get pre-orders in so that they order enough to cover their inventory.

Millar sent out this letter to retailers that it doesn’t matter how much of a demand there will be for the comic, once it is sold out you won’t be able to get it as a stand-alone. This isn’t to say that a graphic novel or collected edition won’t eventually be released, but he does stress that orders should be adjusted before the final cutoff date for shops to have the right stock levels.

On the flip side, a month ago Image put out Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin’s ‘Barrier’ which will also only be available as single issues and not collected.

Here is exactly what Millar had to say about it:

“FOC for #1 is this coming Monday, and we hope you’re suitably prepared. We want to get back to that crazy, exciting time where a first printing really meant something too and create a real collectability here with NO SECOND PRINTINGS. We love the idea of making this genuinely sought after. So after inventory on the first and only print run is depleted, there will be no additional printings. That said, we’re very, very sure this is going to sell out, especially after you see the book and once you see the multimedia promotion that’s coming over the next three weeks.”

It isn’t clear if future issues will suffer the same restrictions going forward or not. Nor has there been an announcement if this will later be available in a collected trade.

Do you plan on putting in a down payment for ‘The Magic Order’ to make sure you get the first issue or will you roll the dice that eventually a collected edition will be available? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter