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We all thankfully knew that going into the season finale of Marvel’s ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘ that we’d have at least a half season for the sixth outing of the show and now Clark Gregg is talking about what went down. Yes, there will be spoilers covered here so if you aren’t caught up on how the fifth season came to a close you really should turn back now!

As we’ve learned, Tahiti is a magical place and that looks to be where Agent Coulson might end up finishing spending his already borrowed time. However, as he didn’t die onscreen when the season came to a close, there is always a chance that we’ll see him back! However, Gregg doesn’t sound as if he shares that sentiment:

“My understanding is that Phil Coulson is no longer alive. He’s been brought back, he’s been really clear that he didn’t want supernatural measures used again. I always felt like he thought almost like he wasn’t supposed to be here. That got more complicated for him when he started to form this new family and to have this surrogate daughter that he probably always wanted and to, in the most recent weeks of this SHIELD timeline, really opened himself up to his feelings for Melinda May. But I don’t think there is a real buyback for the fact that this deal he made with the Ghost Rider is killing his body.”

We could see him come back though and it sounds as if the showrunners are going to have him appear, it just isn’t clear as to how he’ll be returning or if he’ll be alive:

“I have a meeting with [executive producers] Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen and the showrunners, and I know there is some interest in having me involved in this 13-episode season six. I don’t know in what form that will take, whether that will be flashbacks or hopefully some sexy dreams that Melinda May is having. [Laughs.] That would be nice. But that’s all I know so far. There is some desire that is going to be explained to me, but it’s why this finale is so deep and emotional. I knew by then that this was really a farewell to that character and his life.”

As Gregg states though, “it was also before we knew anything about whether or not we were picked up” which means anything could be possible.

As to how he might return?

“That’s all what’s going to be part of this discussion and working it out. I’m available for whatever they need me to do, and we’ll just be figuring it out. We just got picked up a few days ago. That’s what we’ll have to figure out going forward. I hope to be involved, maybe I’ll be an LMD, or maybe I’ll be in a C3P0 suit, and I’ll be everybody’s starchy Brit robot.”

While Coulson didn’t die on screen, we did see Fitz killed off. The thing is though; they have a workaround for how to bring him back the truly fits with the narrative. As to when that scene was shot though:

“It really caught us all by surprise. Even in the table read, we read the scripts together before we start shooting them and it was one where we just had to say it like robots and move through it. We knew how devastating it would be. Everyone shooting it and fans, no one sees it coming. Iain has created this incredibly complex and beloved character in Fitz that everyone cares about so much. We were rooting for him and Simmons, they just got married. I think it’s going to really knock people down. I’m scared to watch it. I haven’t seen it yet, and I’m nervous about watching this episode.”

Do you think that Clark Gregg will get a second last-minute save or will Agent Coulson be gone for good? If Gregg’s character does die and come back will it be the real Coulson, an LMD, a simulation from The Framework, or something else entirely? Share your thoughts below, True Believers!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter