Star Wars Resistance

Breaking news! Disney Channel has just announced the official premiere date for their brand new ‘Star Wars’ series, ‘Star Wars Resistance!’ The new show will premiere on Disney Channel at 10pm on Sunday, October 7th, and to celebrate that announcement, Lucasfilm has also released a brand new first-look trailer!

The series was created by ‘Star Wars’ animation veteran Dave Filoni and features a voice-cast which includes Christopher Sean as Kazuda “Kaz” Xiono, Oscar Isaac returning as Poe Dameron, Scott Lawrence as Poe’s old friend Yeager, and Suzie McGrath and Josh Brener as Tam and Neeku, members of Yeager’s crew. The cast also includes Donald Faison, Jim Rash, Bobby Moynihan, Gwendoline Christie, Myrna Velasco and Rachel Butera.

The trailer itself really shows off the amazing visuals of the series, really delving into the beautiful anime style, a first for the ‘Star Wars’ franchise, while also showing off the high spirits and fun of the new show, which takes place right before the events of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens.’ The basic plot appears to be that Poe is sending Kaz off on a secret mission for the Resistance to spy on the First Order at a space station, situating him as a new member of his old friend Yeager’s crew, where Kaz has to fit in while keeping his mission a secret, keep up with his racing and mechanic friends, and stay safe from the First Order.

The tone itself seems very light, and fast-paced, which is what you would expect from a ‘Star Wars’ show, and it will be fascinating to see the galaxy at this point in the timeline, as we know very little about what was really going on between ‘Return of the Jedi’ and ‘The Force Awakens.’

All in all, a very exciting trailer, and very exciting news to know we are so close to a premiere date for ‘Star Wars Resistance!’ Make sure to check out the trailer for yourself below and share your thoughts on the new series in the comments!