Damian Szifron
Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com

Things aren’t looking good in pre-production for the ‘Six Billion Dollar Man‘ film as director Damian Szifron is no longer attached to the project. While Szifron had co-written the project and was set to direct it for Warner Brothers, he is no longer attached. With the movie initially set to shoot this summer in Atlanta, we could see the film be pushed back if they can’t find a replacement soon. That being said, the studio appears optimistic that it will be able to continue without any delays.

A rumor also places Mel Gibson as a potential replacement though you have to wonder what the “creative differences” were that caused Szifron’s departure. Szifron has been attached to the project for three years when it was still in development over at The Weinstein Co. Warner Brothers pick up the film for $7.2 million. It’s hard to tell what changes they’ve wanted to make since taking over, but apparently, something about the original take rubbed them the wrong way.

For those unfamiliar with the plan, the movie was placing Mark Wahlberg as Col. Steve Austin in the starring role. He’ll be a military pilot that suffered a tragic accident and a bleeding edge operation not only saved his life but made him part machine. For the younger generation, some of these ideas were explored in both the original and remake of ‘Robocop’, though the television series had less mind control involved.

As Wahlberg has previously shared that he was excited about the script, hopefully, these “creative differences” won’t drive the star off of the project as well.

Are you annoyed that ‘Six Billion Dollar Man’ might be getting delayed this close to production? Do you feel Mel Gibson would be great for directing an action comedy from his prior acting experience or is his directing style to date not something you think would match up? Which director do you feel would do a good job here? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter