Russo Brothers Thor Guardians infinity war

In a new clip released by Vanity Fair in their ‘Notes on a Scene‘ format, ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ directors Joe and Anthony Russo discuss all of the creative choices that went into the big scene where Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy meet for the first time in the film. It is a fascinating breakdown that really shows how much thought goes into every scene in a movie like this, and just how good these guys are as filmmakers. Everything is really well-thought out, from under lighting Thor to make him stand out while lying on the table, to using some of their patented comedic camera moves perfected during their ‘Arrested Development’ days, even to thinking about how much to show of an actor like Chris Pratt when he is delivering lines, as he is known to be funny and they claim you should always show him waist up because a lot o the comedy comes from his arms and you don’t want to lose any of that.

Even the set design demonstrates the thought they put into the film as they spoke on how they wanted a certain mood and color scheme for the Guardians in the film and how all had to be planned out ahead of time so the lights would be already built into the interior of the ship. And then there are the practical and special effects where the brothers spoke on how they had to keep in mind Mantis’s antenna when shooting (they are extended in post) and make sure to have a source light on set for when they glow (as that is also done in post). Then they spoke on having Sean Gunn on set to “play” Rocket so the actors had someone to act with and the challenges of working with digital actors that way. It is impressive how much they had to keep track of and that they not only did it, but managed to do it as well as they did with the final scene being one of the more memorable in a film pretty jam-packed with memorable scenes.

Check out the break-down for yourself below!