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With the increased division between Marvel TV and Marvel Studios the entire idea of “It’s all connected” is more of a joke at this point and Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige confirms there aren’t any plans to bring the two closer together. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has already filmed through ‘Avengers 4’ which will likely be the last on-screen appearance of some of our heroes, so the likelihood of Tony Stark and Danny Rand ever setting down to talk about running large companies while fighting crime isn’t likely to ever happen.

Feige also weighed in on this at a recent the recent ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ press junket where he was asked about a crossover:

“I don’t know. It really remains to be seen. So much of what they’re doing has been set. We’ve already shot Avengers 4. So much of what we’re doing is set, but I just, I never say never, but I’m not sure when that would be.”

Short of Marvel TV folding up their Netflix shows and handing them over to Marvel Studios, which is unlikely to happen, this is a set of characters who won’t be in feature films.

It is fair to say that even without any animosity between the two companies that the shooting schedules for both are pretty non-stop so finding the time to bring actors together would be a tough one. You also need to factor in that not everyone who sees just the movies also checks out any of ‘The Defenders’ in their own projects.

I mean, who would have expected ‘Spider-Man’ ever to join ‘The Avengers‘ with how Sony used to treat the character or that either the X-Men or Fantastic Four would be joining the MCU? Are you saddened by there being less of a chance of a crossover or had already given up on this idea? Share your thoughts below, True Believers!

Source: Screen Rant