fear the walking dead

It isn’t a spoiler that Lennie James is now on ‘Fear the Walking Dead‘ as Morgan but we do have a bit of the first episode of Season 4 that we need to talk to here. If you want to go into the upcoming season fresh, I would turn back now. While this isn’t a huge spoiler, it does cover the introduction of the season.

Before I get to the recap though, the Twitter account of ‘The Walking Dead‘ shared that other characters might be showing up this season. Here is what they stated:


Now, anyone who has seen the premiere knows that this simply could be explained away with appearances by multiple characters who were seen talking to Morgan before he decided to “run” and start a new life on his own. First, we saw Morgan tell Jadis that Rick was allowing her back to Alexandria and after she popped up, we saw requests by Jesus, Carol, and Rick trying to talk him into rejoining their community.

The tweet could just have been as simple as that. However, flashbacks from Morgan could factor in going forward and that means even more chances of the cast from ‘The Walking Dead’ making an appearance. Not enough for you yet? I’ve got another name to float by you. If more cameos do happen a key character that could appear would be Corey Hawkins’s Heath who has been missing for quite some time.

After how ‘The Walking Dead’ came to a close, we could also see Austin Amelio’s Dwight looking for a new home. While he is very much still active in the comics, his banishment on the show could mean that the character will end up traveling and show up on ‘Fear’ down the line.

What do you think folks? Was ‘The Walking Dead’s tweet just meant to signify these cameos or will we have another familiar face making the jump as well? Which character do you feel is most likely to show up on ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ that Morgan could bump into? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Screen Rant