Fear The Walking Dead

AMC just released the first clip from the season 4 premiere of ‘Fear The Walking Dead.’

In the clip, Morgan can be seen looking inside a vehicle and hearing a man inside. Morgan opens the door and finds a man with his leg bleeding. Morgan, ever the do-gooder, slides off his backpack and leaves the wounded man some water and other goodies.

The man mumbles something then yells for Morgan to take it back. To which Morgan replies:

“I’m just trying to help. Looked like you were on your own.”

The man replies:

“We’re always on our own. Shut the door.”

Morgan does what the man says, takes his water and shuts the door as the clip ends.

Season 4 of ‘Fear’ features Morgan as he heads west to Texas, finding himself in the company of the Clark family and their new settlement.

The events of ‘The Walking Dead’s’ season 8 finale, airing Sunday, will force Morgan on his solo journey, where he no longer wants to be involved with others.

Referring to Morgan as a “man of extremes,” actor Lennie James said the character will continue to evolve during his time on ‘Fear,’ saying:

“If you’re going to kill, you might as well kill everybody. If you’re not going to kill, you shouldn’t kill anybody.”

Morgan as a character is so accustomed to loss, James said, he’s “best not teaching anybody. He’s trying to remain on his own even amongst the community.”

James recently explained that he made the decision to leave ‘The Walking Dead’ and join spinoff ‘Fear’ after executive producer Scott Gimple pitched to him a continuation of Morgan’s story in a new setting.

‘The Walking Dead’s’ season 8 finale promises to be a big one for Morgan, who has been shown brutally murdering a Savior and seeing a new ghost in the latest clip from the season closer.

Both ‘The Walking Dead’ season 8 finale and the ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ season 4 premiere debut back-to-back this Sunday, April 15, starting at 9/8c on AMC.

Check out the clip below!