Red Sonja

Ashley Edward Miller has been tapped to pen the script for ‘Red Sonja’ based on the classic swords and sorcery comic book character.  Most will remember her from Marvel Comics’ run which ran off and on from 1975 until 1995.  In 1985, she was voted #1 in Comic Book Buyers’ Guide of the sexiest female comic characters.  (There’s no way to state that without it sounding really sad.)  There have been many subsequent takes on Red Sonja in comics and Brigitte Nielsen portrayed the hero in the 1985 ‘Red Sonja’ film, which also starred  Arnold Schwarzenegger, fresh off his star-making turn in ‘Conan the Barbarian’.  But Marvel doesn’t own the character or concept.  Dynamite Entertainment currently publishes the exploits of the chainmail clad warrior.  Luke Lieberman currently holds the rights to this character and will serve as a producer on the upcoming movie.  Other producers include Mark Canton, Cinelou’s Courtney Solomon, Christa Campbell, and Lati Grobman.  The new film will be produced by Millennium Films.

Avi Lerner fast-tracked this theatrical version following the success of Warner Brother’s ‘Wonder Woman’.

Ashley Edward Miller

Miller said:

“It’s an exciting opportunity to faithfully adapt the amazing Hyborean world Robert E. Howard created, and inject it with Sonja’s intelligence, ferocity, and fearless humanity.  I want people to love Sonja the way I love her, and walk out of the theater understanding why she’s so popular and enduring. Sonja is an icon.”

Robert E. Howard created the iconic Conan the Barbarian and a female protagonist named Red Sonya of Rogatino.  But comic book writer Roy Thomas and artist Barry Windsor Smith took that sliver of a creation and turned her into one of the best selling comic book characters of the 1970s.

Miller previously contributed to the screenplays for ‘Agent Cody Banks’, ‘Thor’, and ‘X-Men: First Class’, plus episodes of ‘The Twilight Zone’, ‘Andromeda’, ‘Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles’ and ‘Fringe’.  He served as a producer on ‘The Twilight Zone’, ‘Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles’, ‘Fringe’ and ‘Black Sails’.  He is also attached to write the screenplay of the remake of ‘Big Trouble In Little China’.

Are you a fan of Red Sonja?  Are you excited that there may be a new live action movie soon?

Source: Deadline