mark hamill luke skywalker

With the future of Leia up in the air for ‘Star Wars: Episode IX,’ someone has decided to talk to Mark Hamill about the future of his character. That is, if Lucasfilm wanted to do something with a younger Luke Skywalker down the line. We’ve already been introduced to a recasting of a younger Han Solo, a CGI de-aged Leia, a potentially recasted Leia, and a completely CGI’d Tarkin so the idea isn’t completely out of bounds.

What does Hamill feel about it though? He is fully supportive of either route if a solid Luke Skywalker story came up!

When asked about a recast or digital version of his character Hamill had a great response to both humor and openness:

“I thought you were gonna say posthumously. Well, already I told my family ‘Absolutely – thumbs up!
But it is a question of propriety really. I’m sure they had to go to the Cushing estate and get their permission.”

Hamill doesn’t think that the idea isn’t feasible either. There are years of Luke Skywalker being a heroic Jedi Knight that could be covered.  As he says, “You know, it’s amazing to me – George [Lucas] gave them a canvas so large that they’re going to be able to– I mean, the possibilities are infinite.”

I know many fans would love to see the path which Skywalker had to take from being the hero of the Rebellion to an old hermit. Even if we didn’t watch the founding of a new Jedi Order, there were undoubtedly many adventures that we could end up seeing that took place after ‘Return of the Jedi.’

Would you be open to Luke Skywalker being re-cast, recreated digitally, or a digitally de-aged Mark Hamill if it meant we got more stories from the era of the rebellion? Share your thoughts below!

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