avengers: infinity war

If you can’t get enough new imagery from ‘Avengers: Infinity War‘ then you should be happy as we’ve got a ton of new shots of everyone who is getting ready to do battle with Thanos and the Mad Titan himself! Yes, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are teaming up with the Guardians of the Galaxy, and these new shots show everyone preparing for an all-out war that would put Rick and Negan’s little scuffle on ‘The Walking Dead’ to shame.

In the first shot, we’re seeing part of the scene where Star-Lord is telling Iron Man that his plan won’t suck in front of Drax and Spider-man. Only, now we’re learning that Mantis will also be present here!


Here we have Groot playing a video game while some of our Guardians are looking surprised. Could they have just come across the battle which will lead them to meet up with Thor?


Is Iron-Man trying to stop one of the ships that arrive with Thanos or is something else going on in this scene?


Scarlet Witch doesn’t look to be having a great day in this scene. The blurry background could be Wakanda, or could be somewhere else entirely.


Here is a shot straight out of the trailer where Star-Lord is getting ready to fire upon The Mad Titan!


We know that Bruce Banner makes it to Wakanda at some point in the film so I suspect that this might be closer to the latter half of the movie as he initially looks to crash in on Doctor Strange’s pad.


A great shot of Thanos wearing his gauntlet! We can’t see how many of the Infinity Stones he has at this point though.


Is Captain America’s armor damaged from wear and tear without having a government or Tony buying him new suits or is this fresh battle damage from tackling the forces of Thanos?


We’ve heard rumors that Thor would be unconscious in space when the Guardians stumble across him and this image seems to confirm that.


The Outriders are warring with Wakanda in full force here as The Falcon flies over the scene to help out!


It seems unlikely that Vision could be behind bars and I suspect that there is more to this image than meets the eye.


Would YOU give Thanos a bad Uber rating?

I’m thrilled that Empire ended up releasing these shots online as the lo-res scans that were recently circulating just didn’t do them justice.

As a bonus, we also have a better look at Strange, Tony, Wong, and Banner in this group shot!

Which of these new shots from ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ are your favorite? Have any of them given you new plot theories to play with? Share your thoughts below, True Believers!

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