Avengers: Infinity War

When it comes to the massive team-ups in Marvel Studios’ ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ you have to wonder how the writers put the various pairings together before the ultimate fight scenes. It turns out that writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely didn’t have an easy time of it. The process took months to plan out, and that was even before they started to write the meat and potatoes of the story.

According to McFeely when they were laying the groundwork for the film:

“After Civil War, we got in a room for 4 or 5 months trying to crack these two ridiculously big things…We talked a lot about; it’s a Joe Russo term, ‘strange alchemy.’ What is it when you put the two characters together, even in a fairly normal traditional situation. But since we’ve invested in those characters and known them, we sort of delighted in the idea of those two people rubbing against each other. So, we always chased ‘delight’ — and terror. Lots of terror.”

Interestingly enough, Markus shared that when they were figuring out pairing, they had a wall with all of the characters on them and randomly put them together and try to see what would give viewers the best story. The impact on the story and the humor for mixing certain characters was the focus and if the trailers are any indication – they’ve nailed it.

I wouldn’t expect anything less from Marvel Studios at this point.

That being said, even having to work together against Thanos, who has the potential to destroy half of the galaxy with the snap of his fingers, doesn’t mean everyone will be playing nice. Remember, these events take place after the fallout from ‘Captain America: Civil War‘ and not all of our heroes are on speaking terms right now:

“And there’s also…we’re coming off Civil War. We’re coming off Winter Soldier. So that’s there’s lots of backstory that still needs to play out in addition to the Thanos situation. Like, I just walked by Sebastian Stan out there. You could put Bucky in a room with anybody and they’re going to say, “Oh shit! He’s a maniac.” He’s shot Natasha [Romanoff] twice as far as I can keep count. So it’s going to be interesting.”

So, they’ve got that going for them as well. Our heroes might not want to play nice with one another, but by the end of the movie, we will hopefully see them come to terms with some of their issues.

Which character pairings are you most looking forward to seeing in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ from the previews? Are there any you haven’t seen yet that you’re dying to have appear on the big screen? Share your thoughts below, True Believers!

Source: Cinema Blend