A new set of production photos seem to confirm that the Maroni Crime Family is coming to DC’s ‘Titans‘! While it isn’t clear who from the Maroni crime family will be included, we do know that one trailer for the cast was dedicated to “Stunt Maroni 1” which will likely have fans guessing that Sal Maroni will be appearing, likely with more of his organized crime family.

Tony Zucco, who was responsible for the murder of both of Dick Grayson’s parents, has long worked for the Maroni crime family in ‘Batman: Dark Victory.’ When Grayson ends up becoming Robin one of his early adventures is working with Batman to track down Zucco and have him arrested for their deaths.

Other photos showed that on set this day was Beast Boy, Starfire, and a stunt double for Robin. It sounds as if the actor who portrays Beast Boy was seen on campus that day but not in costume. The shots of the cast trailers all came from the University of Toronto where the episode was being shot. It this is a flashback, it could easily be that Beast Boy and Starfire are just being told about the events. However, if this is a reimaging where the trio are tracking down the crime family, it is likely they weren’t shooting in public.

It isn’t clear if this will be more of a flashback scene showing Robin’s past or if our young Dick Grayson is working with the ‘Titans’ to stop the man who had murdered his parents.

We know another episode will feature Jason Todd so it appears that the show will have strong ties to the world of Batman.

A bonus note is that Sal Marconi is the crime lord who is most often credited with throwing acid into the face of Harvey Dent and creating Two-Face.

Are you excited that we’ll be seeing the Maroni crime family involved in ‘Titans’? Share your thoughts below!

‘Titans’ will debut on DC’s upcoming digital streaming service later in 2018!

Source: Talkies Network