Unless Syfy cancels the show without a chance to finish the tale, we’re all expecting ‘Krypton’ to come to a close with Jor-El sending his newborn son on a one-way ticket to Earth. So knowing this has made a few people wonder why to bother with this show at all. ‘Gotham’ had much the same response when it launched and has grown into an original origin tale of all of Batman’s rogue gallery so having a similar idea for Superman does have the potential to work.

There is another factor though according to showrunner Cameron Welsh:

“We haven’t really seen much of this world before and it’s just this open book and allows us to tell a story that hasn’t been told. There’s still plenty more Superman stories to tell, but there’s already been a ton of those and there will continue to be. Here’s a fresh opportunity to tell this — to explore a part of the DC universe which is super important, and it’s relatively unexplored. It’s less about not having Superman but more about it being a prequel is something that we’ve discussed as being a challenge that we face.”

The idea of getting a glimpse at some aspects of the cosmic side of DC along with mixing in what Krypton was really like could be intriguing. However, what they seem to be trying to sell is that someone is trying to change history to prevent Superman from ever being born which is where much of the story really kicks in:

“I don’t know if it’s necessarily the same with Gotham, but there’s probably this notion that part of the audience goes, ‘Krypton, I guess that’s the show about the planet that Superman came from and that planet blows up so I kind of know how that story ends. Do I really need to watch this? I’ve lots of other things to do’. So the way we’ve sought to address that challenge is that in story and this is where, when we talk about DC’s involvement, not only in giving us access to everything we’ve got but Geoff Johns himself has been a part of the show and he’s a brilliant mind and has some brilliant ideas and very early on we talked about exactly that problem, about the prequel concern. The way we’ve addressed it in story, we have Adam Strange comes from present-day Earth, arrives on Krypton to deliver this warning to Seg to let him know that history as we know it is under threat and somebody is coming to try and change the course of history, change the timeline, and prevent Superman’s birth. The show very quickly goes from being about this look into the past into a show that has stakes in the present day.”

The idea is an interesting concept but whether it translates into audience attention is another story entirely.

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘Krypton’ when it explores onto Syfy this month? Do you feel that where they want to take the series has potential? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Comic Book Movie