Matt ryan

Fans have been hoping this would happen and now it has– Matt Ryan will join ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ as a series regular for season four… IF it gets a season four.  Yes, there is some question as to whether this superhero ensemble will be back, but so far its ratings are steady, if not spectacular.  It currently ranks sixth among The CW’s twelve hour-long dramas.  So it’s right in the middle, which isn’t a bad place to be.  There are still four episodes left in ‘Legends of Tomorrow”s current third season, and The CW has announced that come fall, they will be offering programming on Sunday night, which will be a first.  This helps ‘Legends” chances even more as it increases The CW’s need for shows to fill all their time slots.

As for Ryan, it’s been speculated that his character John Constantine might join the crew of the Waverider permanently after surfacing on the series this year, with word that he would be back for the season finale.  Ryan starred on NBC’s ‘Constantine’ which only lasted one season in 2014-15.  He popped up on ‘Arrow’ Season Three and then provided his character’s voice on The CW Seed’s animated series, as well as in the unrelated animated film ‘Justice League Dark’.

There have been quite a few shakeups within the ranks of the ‘Legends’ this season.  Former team leader Rip Hunter departed and Martin Stein died during the ‘Crisis on Earth X’ crossover.  Following Stein’s death, Jefferson “Jax” Jackson, his partner as Firestorm, also left.  The team has added two new members recently though, Zari Adrianna Tomaz and Kid Flash.  It seems likely that Citizen Cold will leave as well, so Constantine should have an open spot on the team.

Currently, ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ and ‘Supergirl’ tag team a single time slot, Mondays at 8pm EST.  With the addition of Sunday night programming, it’s likely both shows will go back to having their own spots on the schedule.

Source: TVLine