spider-man homecoming

‘Spider-Man: Homecoming 2’ set to officially begin production in 2 months. You’ve got to imagine things are really revving up for Jon Watts and his associates, especially if they are going in well-aware of the high bar they set for themselves with the first movie, and the fact that the film will be the first film to premiere post ‘Avengers 4,’ meaning a lot of changes most likely will have occurred in the MCU by that point. What is odd is the news that apparently they are still casting some fairly important roles in the film, including the main villain.

According to ‘That Hash Tag Show,’ they were “told that the script calls for a villain with “elevated ideas” but that, in an interesting twist, not only has the studio not pinned down the ethnicity of the villain, but they’re also open to auditioning male and female leads, ages 30-45,  for the part!” Interestingly, that is not the only part the filmmakers are currently looking for, as it’s also being reported that “they’re also searching for an 18-24-year-old male lead of any ethnicity for a high school student.”

Sadly, these rather vague descriptions which are not very helpful in pinning down which villains/ new characters Watts and company are bringing into the MCU Spidey-verse, though there is some speculation that since both parts are being searched for at the same time, and both call for open ethnicity, there is a chance there might be a connection between the two characters. Like perhaps they are father (or mother) and son, aka Norman and Harry Osborne? Sure, the older role says male OR female, but Watts had no problem updating the supporting cast of ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ to be a bit more diverse. I personally think a female Norman Osborne (Norma?) could be very interesting, and add a great new twist to the character and the story. Of course, with rumors that Spidey might be traveling overseas in this film to meet this new antagonist, it could be a number of Spider-Man’s villains, especially the ones that hail from parts of Europe, including Kraven the Hunter, Michael Morbius, Doctor Octopus, etc.

What are your thoughts on the casting news? Do you have any theories as to who we might see in the ‘Homecoming’ sequel? Feel free to share anything you come up with in the comments section below!