Winx Club

Netflix is joining forces with the Italian-based Rainbow Group to turn their worldwide hit animated series ‘Winx Club’ into a live action YA series.  ‘Winx Club’ follows the exploits of a regular Earth girl, Bloom, who discovers she is the Fairy of the Dragon Flame and is invited to study magic at Alfea College For Fairies in the Magical Dimension.  She befriends Stella (Princess of Solaria and the Fairy of the Shining Sun), Flora (Fairy of Nature), Musa (Fairy of Music), Tecna (Fairy of Technology) and Aisha (Fairy of Waves).  Their rivals are the Trix, a trio of witches– Icy (whose name is rather self-explanatory), Darcy (who can manipulate darkness and shadows) and Stormy (who can control the weather).

‘Winx Club’ is not only a long-running animated series but has spawned toys, clothing, books and other merchandising and three computer-animated movies.  It is a huge phenomenon all over the world with the cartoon airing in 150 countries.  It was adapted for the US in 2004, where it ran on FOX until 2007 and then on Nickelodeon from 2011-15.  (It was the first Italian animated series to be adapted for the US.)  Netflix now has the worldwide exclusive rights to ‘World of Winx’ a spinoff series that has apparently proven popular enough to warrant this new live action series.  In 2016, a live action movie was announced but hasn’t materialized thus far.

According to Erik Barmack, VP of International Originals at Netflix:

“Winx is a global phenomenon and through this exciting series we are thrilled to reinforce our relationship with Rainbow and to develop the next chapter of Winx. The famous fairies will grow up with their audience and will explore complex themes as real-life teenage super heroines in a live action show”

‘Winx Club’ was created by Iginio Straffi, the founder and CEO of Rainbow Group, who added:

“We are very pleased that our successful collaboration with Netflix continues with ever more ambitious projects.  Netflix’s young adult series have touched a chord with audiences around the world and we are looking forward to seeing the Winx fairies in this new exciting live action adaptation.”

No word on when the live action ‘Winx Club’ will begin production, and while the series has never been a phenomenon in the US, it’s extremely popular worldwide, so it’s almost a certainty that it will happen and the sooner the better.

Source: Deadline