Jessica’s phone is drenched in the ensuing flood and she cannot take photos of the Doctor’s getaway car, but she spots a camera at a local pawnshop that might have what she needs, but the place is closed. So while waiting she sticks her phone in some rice and heads home proceeding to visit Oscar while pretending to complain about noise. They end up in bed together, starting their love-making over a paint canvas covered in purple paint they knocked over, alluding to the paintings in the opening credits (even more-so when we see the painting Oscar does of Jessica later).

When she finally gets the footage from the pawn shop owner, with Trish’s overzealous help (the woman is still hopped up on Simpson’s inhaler), Jessica sees the Doctor drug the woman and drag her into the car, and she worries the Doctor is controlling the powered woman. Malcolm points out from Jessica’s photos that the Doctor’s ring is actually a class ring from Malcolm’s old university, so Jessica sends him there to investigate, which is uncomfortable for the man as he was kicked out due to his drug problem. He learns of a man named Justis Ambrose who went to school with Malus and has been funding him for years. Jessica and Trish track down Ambrose to a swanky country club (men only) where Jessica sneaks in while Trish makes a scene at the front door, sadly losing control and vomiting due to her drug problem. Jessica speaks to Ambrose, who has only good things to say about Malus, learning the man’s research saved his son’s life when he was an infant. Ambrose won’t give any more info on Malus and even calls to warn his old friend when Jessica leaves.

They head back to Trish’s place where Jessica is worried that Trish might be on something but believes Trish when she says it is just food poisoning. Trish convinces her to leave and continue the investigation then tears her place apart looking for Simpson’s inhaler. Lucky for her, Malcolm found it at Jessica’s place and brings it to Trish not knowing what it is. Trish secretly takes a hit, deciding to make a move on Malcolm in her high state as she knows Malcolm has a crush on her (as Jessica pointed it out to her earlier).

Meanwhile, Inez tells Hogarth that one IGH patient was a healer and was responsible for saving her after the powered woman attacked her, setting Hogarth on the path to get the man out of jail so he can heal her as well, despite Inez telling her it did not always work. Jessica tracks down Ambrose’s son who does not appear to be powered and threatens his life, forcing Ambrose to give up Malus’s location. When she arrives at Malus’s house, Jessica realizes that some items seem oddly familiar, and she is soon confronted by the powered woman, who reveals she is actually Jessica’s mother.

Definitively a lot going on in these episodes, and I’m happy that the show is finally on track after a slow start. While the Trish storyline might be a bit predictable, at least it gets the tension up between her and everyone around her who are wary of her addictive personality. I’m sure her sleeping with Malcolm is going to bother Jessica when she finds out. And Jessica’s new relationship with Oscar is interesting as, aside from his forgery skills, he is pretty normal, and represents a life she could someday want, complete with a cute kid who adores her. And of course, the big revelation of the powered woman being Jessica’s mom is fascinating and I cannot wait to hear how it all works, and whether it is some kind of trick or whether the woman truly is Jessica’s mother, especially as they share the traits of super-strength and a wild temper.

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