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Sony Pictures is officially moving forward with their adaptation of Valiant’s ‘Bloodshot‘ and has cast Vin Diesel in the starring role. The film has also found a director in Dave Wilson who is usually paired with working on projects with Tim Miller. ‘Bloodshot’ will be Wilson’s directorial debut. The script was penned by Eric Heisserer (‘Arrival’), and it sounds like he was digging back into the style of the 80s to put it together. The tone is said to be similar in style to films such as ‘Robocop,’ ‘Terminator,’ and ‘Total Recall’ – the originals, not the sequels or reboots.

Principal photography starts in July and Sony is looking to develop this property into a franchise and potentially even a cinematic universe. Something that they’ve yet to be able to successfully do with their rights to ‘Spider-Man’ and his supporting characters.

Also on board is producer Neal H. Moritz who has worked with Diesel on the ‘Fast and the Furious’ films. Moritz will be producing with Toby Jaffe and Dinesh Shamdasani while Matthew Vaughn and Dan Mintz are executive producers.

For those unfamiliar with Bloodshot, the character was created in 1992 and has had over 110 issues released at this point. He is an ex-soldier with no memory who has nanites in his blood which give him superhuman strength and a healing factor among quite a few other abilities. He starts off on a quest to learn who he is which later evolves into so much more.

It is unclear if the studio has a specific story arc which they’re looking to develop in their first live-action outing with the character.

Are you excited to see that ‘Bloodshot’ is moving forward? Do you feel that Vin Diesel is perfect for the part? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline