Outside of hearing about returning characters and weird new robots, we haven’t had a chance to learn much about the second season of HBO’s ‘Westworld.’ The release of a slew of new production photos has started to change all of that. Below we have 19 new photos which will give us a small hint of what is to come.

First up is Thandie Newton’s Maeve in all of her upgraded glory having a fun interaction with Simon Quarterman’s Lee Sizemore who is the head writer for the park. Will she be out for revenge or looking to have a new narrative written?

In the next shot, we see Evan Rachel Wood back as Dolores who is leading the rebellion as she shares a moment with James Marsden’s Teddy. Will their connection fade now that they’ve learned their entires lives have been a lie?


Luke Hemsworth is back as Stubbs; the security chief appears to have survived the ordeal he last went through. Unless, of course, he also ends up having actually been a host.

Not only do we get a shot of Jeffrey Wright being back as Bernard but the description puts this into perspective. What he sees here is a “drone host” and is part of the secret project which Delos has been working on. As of late, we think of drones associated with the military, and you have to wonder what application this might end up having.

This is not the Dolores which we’ve seen so far! Will it be a different version of Evan Rachel Wood or has she gotten out of the park and is in disguise?


We still can’t tell if we should root for or against Ed Harris as The Man in Black, but you know that whenever he is on the screen that we’ll be seeing something interesting.


It isn’t clear if Tessa Thompson’s Charlotte Hale knows about Bernard’s true nature at this point, but it will be interesting to see the two working together, even if they’re at odds with one another.


Here is a somewhat quick promotional still that doesn’t give much but shows Teddy walking the streets of Sweetwater:


We’ll obviously be seeing more of Dolores and Teddy together though it should be noted that our one shot of Dolores in a more modern outfit didn’t have Teddy in the picture.


Here we have a great promotional shot of the cast of the second season of ‘Westworld,’ and once an unbranded version is released you can be sure that this will be used almost everywhere online!

Another great shot of Ed Harris as The Man in Black!


There aren’t many black and white shots here so this one of Dolores and Maeve makes me wonder if there is a more significant meaning to it.


This shot of Dolores has her partially in shadow and describes her as being “merciless” in the second season.


A different shot of the hosts from the second season of ‘Westworld’ and likely another which we’ll be seeing a lot of over the next few months!


Here is Dolores on her way somewhere.


Dolores isn’t the only host taking a walk in these shots!


I’m very curious as to how much of Bernard’s plan we’re going to become privy to moving forward and whose side he is really is on. Also, will he end up as Bernard, Arnold, or a cross between the two?


Being in black and white it is hard to tell if this is more of a modern outfit for Maeve to blend into society, or if this is a new look for her in Westworld.


I suspect this image of The Man in Black takes place immediately after the events of the season finale of the first one. Either that, or it will be one of many of the fights which he has along the way now that the hosts are no longer restrained by their previous programming.


There are some great shots of the cast and crew here. The Host Drone hints at quite a few possibilities while the idea of Dolores in a modern outfit makes you wonder where she is going to end up and why.

Are you looking forward to the second season of ‘Westworld’? Which of the characters do you want to see more of when the show returns? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly.